List of vacancies

Intern   Internship Astana, kazakhstan 31.05.2024
Consultant to develop Key Performance Indicators and monitoring systems for SRAs and PRAs concept to measure performance in Kazakhstan   Consultancy Kazakhstan, home-based 31.05.2024
Client Service Assistant VN 2024/05 G-4 Astana, Kazakhstan 28.05.2024

CFP ALA/PX0327/2024/02

Social and Behavioral Change Communication

  Grant for IP Kazakhstan 28.05.2024

CFP ALA/PX0327/2024/01

Provision of access to technical and vocational education

  Grant for IP Kazakhstan 28.05.2024
Consultant to conduct quality control of construction work   Consultancy Home-based with field trips as necessary 20.05.2024
Assessment of impact of Short video produced aimed to contribute to the project “Labour Migration Programme - Central Asia” and promotion of safe migration.   Consultancy Kazakhstan, home-based 27.05.2024
Media agency to hold awareness-raising campaigns, download the Terms of Reference and proposal information (zip)    Service provider Kazakhstan 24.05.2024
Consultant to assist in the development of a compendium of legal acts   Consultancy Kazakhstan, home-based 22.05.2024

Conducting the construction work, including a parking lot, fence and landscaping

RFP-KZ002-24AST_Construction RFP

RFP-KZ002-24AST_TOR_Constrcution Services_ENG

RFP-KZ002-24AST_TOR_Construction Services_RUS

RFP-KZ002-24AST_Приложение 1 - Тех. задание питом-изол

RFP-KZ002-24AST_Приложение 2 - Питомник-изолятор ограждение 

RFP-KZ002-24AST_Приложение 3 - Питомник-изолятор

RFP-KZ002-24AST_Приложение 4 - Питомник-изолятор схема


RFP-KZ002-24AST_Vendor Information Sheet

RFP-KZ002-24AST_C5 Construction Contract (RUS)

  Construction Works Almaty, Kazakhstan 20.05.2024
Migration Health Nurse VN 2023/25 G-5 Almaty, Kazakhstan Open until filled

Global Recruitment Opportunities

IOM is an equal opportunity employer and seeks committed professionals with a wide variety of skills in the field of migration. IOM staff work in multi-cultural environments, in which diversity and cultural sensitivity are valued.