Technical Cooperation And Border Management In Central Asia

Technical cooperation and border management is one of IOM’s key service areas in Central Asia, with border management having emerged from historical needs as the main focus of this particular programmatic area in the region. IOM Central Asia has extensive experience in implementing border management projects since 1999.

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Counter-Trafficking And Assistance To Migrants In Central Asia

IOM has been working on the problem of human trafficking in Central Asia since 1998. IOM was the first organization to raise this pressing issue and direct the attention of Central Asian governments to the illegal exportation of their citizens abroad for the purposes of sexual and labour exploitation. Over the last ten years, IOM, in support of the international drive to fight human trafficking, has implemented numerous projects aimed at the prevention of human trafficking, protection of victims of trafficking, prosecution of recruiters and traffickers and development of regional co-operation among the countries of Central Asia. IOM also works closely with intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

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Emergency, Post-Conflict And Disaster Risk Reduction In Central Asia

Most Central Asian countries are susceptible both to natural and man-made disasters. Environmental issues are prevalent in the region, and political instability is a long-standing challenge in the region. In this context, IOM has conducted a variety of emergency, post-conflict and disaster risk reduction programmes in the region.

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Migration And Development In Central Asia

IOM is committed to the principle that “humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society”. Within this framework, IOM has a large role to play in supporting the efforts of states to manage labour migration, in particular short-term movements and circular migration.

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Operational Movements In Central Asia

Since 1951 IOM is playing an important role in resettlement around the world. Four IOM Missions in Central Asia: IOM Kazakhstan, IOM Kyrgzstan, IOM Tajikistan and IOM Turkmenistan are involved in arranging safe, orderly and cost effective movement of refugees, migrants and other persons of concern to the Organization to the countries of their destinations.

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Immigration Health Assessment

Immigration health assessment is carried out on behalf of the governments of the immigration countries. It is the last part of the immigration application process. The health assessment activities follow the national legislation of the receiving countries. This is usually intended to guard against the introduction of communicable diseases and certain health disorders in order to protect the public health or avoid a burden on the health care system of the receiving country and are highly cost effective as compared to treatment and tracing upon arrival. For instance, the treatment for tuberculosis in Kazakhstan and some CIS countries is free of charge for the citizens of these countries.

Migration Health Assessment is a complex process. It includes physical examination, tests, investigations, work with medical histories, treatment, counseling, further recommendations, prophylactic measures such as vaccinations, examination for TB, etc.

The Immigration health assessment is performed by Medical Health Practitioners (MHPs) who are designated by the health authorities of migrant receiving countries.

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Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC)

Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) is the exclusive service provider for the Government of Canada, authorized to accept applications in all temporary resident categories (visitor visas, study and work permits) and travel document applications from Canada’s permanent residents in Kazakhstan. The CVAC in Kazakhstan is operated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with VFS Global.
CVAC is authorized to provide administrative support services, such as; the collection of visa applications, and return of passports in sealed decision envelopes to applicants. CVAC can also assist in scheduling interviews on behalf of the Canada visa office.
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