Press Release —Global December 08, 2020

IOM Central Asia Strategy for 2020-2024

IOM Strategy 2020-2024

On 2 December IOM organized a teleconference, where “IOM Central Asia Strategy for 2020-2024” was presented. The Strategy has been developed to provide an overview of the migration situation in Central Asia and identify key trends that are expected to shape the regional migration landscape in the years to come.

The document highlights the strategic priorities and objectives of IOM in Central Asia that contribute to the region’s sustainable development and safe, orderly, and regular migration. Attendees at the meeting expressed their deep interest in the topics covered and asked questions ranging from climate-induced displacement, to the impact of COVID-19 on labor trafficking in Central Asia.

The meeting was attended by representatives of embassies and consulates based in Central Asia, UN Agencies, Government, and non-government stakeholders, other international and national development partners, and the private sector.